About custom printed balloons and helium

All of our custom printed balloons are helium quality!
Our most popular balloons for custom printing are the Latex balloons 12″ size and will float 4 – 12 hours when properly inflated to full size and hand tied.

What You Need to Know About Custom Printed Helium Balloons:

  • A fully inflated latex balloon becomes pear shaped at bottom
  • A 12″ custom imprinted balloon requires 0.5 cubic feet of helium per balloon.
    Example: If you order 500 12″ custom balloons, multiply (0.5 cubic feet/balloon) * 500 balloons which equals 250 cubic feet of helium.
  • A foil custom imprinted balloon should have wrinkles around the edge.
  • An 18″ foil balloon requires 0.6 cubic feet of helium.
    Example: If you need to inflate 100 18″ balloons, multiply (0.6 cubic feet/balloon) * 100 balloons which equals 60 cubic feet of helium.
  • Foil custom printed balloons will float 3 – 4 weeks with helium and can be re-inflated indefinitely.
  • Never over-inflate a foil balloon! Over-inflated foil balloons WILL pop.

Where can you get helium for your custom printed balloons?

You may purchase helium in your town locally. Contact a “Welding supply” or “Industrial Q&S” dealer in your local yellow pages. You may also check with a local florist or party store to have your custom balloons filled. Most of our customers take their custom printed balloons to a local florist shop for inflation with helium. It is very inexpensive.