It Pays to Plan

Do you have sticky notes all over your desk? Are you constantly trying to remember where you saw that neat idea online? Or where you found that yummy strawberry cupcake recipe? This was the story of my life a few months ago.

As someone who loves to plan parties I knew I had to find a solution to my forgetfulness. It’s essential for anyone planning any sort of event to be organized. Being organized will allow you to move forward with your plans a lot quicker and with ease and speaking from experience it will help your event budget as well. It took some time but I have finally found 2 methods of tracking my ideas that work well for me.

my moleskin notebook

The first is my Moleskin notebook. I carry this in my bag/purse every day – it is always right there for me to jot down an idea, website, color scheme, gift idea, the works! I love Moleskin notebooks – they come in various sizes and you can get them lined, blank, or gridded – it is very easy to choose one that fits your style. They also have a handy little pocket in the back to stash any little piece of ephemera that you may want to keep. Many also come with a handy elastic band to hold your book closed or to mark a page (which is typically what mine is doing). Not in the market for a Moleskin?  Any notebook will work, and you could customize it with decorative papers, doodles, etc. The main idea is to find one that is right for you and you will be set when that perfect idea pops into your head.

My second go-to tool for tracking ideas is Pinterest. If you haven’t discovered what Pinterest is you need to visit the website RIGHT NOW! Let me share with you how amazing this site is! I think saying that it is an online bulletin board adequately describes Pinterest. Joining Pinterest is easy & free and hugely addicting. While surfing the internet for all that your heart desires you can easily “pin” websites & pictures to your Pinterest boards. Pinterest allows you to have multiple boards so you can easily categorize your finds which then makes it ultra easy when that special occasion is approaching and you then can check your “decorations” board or your “food” board for how to decorate and what goodies to prepare. Pinterest also allows you to follow your friends (or strangers) and what they pin to their boards and it also has a search box which makes discovering new ideas and such even easier – no more scouring the internet – someone has already done the work for you and pinned it on Pinterest!

Being organized in your event planning will greatly benefit your event and will cut down on the stress you may face in the planning process. We want your event to be as stress-free as possible and enjoy the planning process – you are putting your heart into the event and you want that to show. I hope you consider using one or both of these tools while planning your next event and I would love to hear how it goes!