Impress Everyone With This Guide to Wedding Etiquette For Guests

wedding etiquette for guestsOver 2.2 million couples say “I do” every year in the U.S. That means chances are pretty good that, sooner or later, you’ll receive a wedding invite. But are you up to speed on your wedding guest etiquette?

Perhaps you can use a wedding etiquette for guests refresher. Here are some helpful tips to be the model guest at any wedding!

Be Sure to Actually RSVP

You’d actually be surprised at how many people show up for a wedding without mailing in their RSVP. As you can imagine, this causes a problem for any couple that had to book a venue in advance. Always send back your RSVP on time so there will be no surprises for the people exchanging their vows.

You also need to follow any rules the couple has in place about who can and cannot attend. If the wedding reception is going to be for adults only, that means you need to respect their request. Find a babysitter for the special day and leave the kiddos at home.

If the RSVP card does not include an option to check off “plus one”, then it means you cannot bring a guest. Don’t ignore it and show up with one anyway. Many couples are planning small weddings these days and need to stay within their budget.

Mind the Mobile Devices

Our phones are fun for snapping pictures, but not so much when their loud ringtone or vibration interrupts an important moment. So keep them shut off during the actual wedding ceremony.

You also don’t want to take photos of your own during the ceremony, as the flash could cause a distraction. A professional photographer will be taking care of that job, anyway. Wait until the reception to go to town taking photos and videos.

Dress to Impress

Today’s society has made casual Fridays every day, but a wedding is one such occasion where being too casual is a no-no. The wedding invite may state the dress code. If not, dress for the venue and remember that being a little overdressed is always better than the opposite.

Men should wear a button-down collared shirt and dress slacks, even if they don’t go for a jacket and tie. Ladies should wear a skirt, dress, or nice tailored pants and a dressy blouse even for casual receptions. And the old rule about never wearing white (or anything close to it like cream) to a wedding still applies!

Definitely Buy a Gift

Even if you don’t know the couple that well, the fact that they thought enough of you to invite you to their special day means they’re deserving of a gift. Definitely use their registry if they have one. It will eliminate confusion over what to buy.

If you are close to the couple and feel like buying them something big, keep in mind they may have a hard time transporting it. Have it sent to their residence after the wedding and let them know. You also can never go wrong with a cash gift.

Don’t Forget to Have a Good Time

The couple wants everyone to celebrate. Don’t forget after following these rules to get out there on the dance floor, sip some wine, and have a great time! A wedding is always a great excuse to have fun, as long as you don’t overdo it on the alcohol.

Wedding Etiquette For Guests: Now You Are Ready

After brushing up on these dos and don’ts on wedding etiquette for guests, you should feel completely prepared for your next wedding.

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