How to Throw an Amazing First Birthday Party for Your Child

It’s been shown that babies don’t start to have conscious memories of events until they’re 14 – 18 months old.

But that doesn’t mean you can throw an awesome first birthday party for your child.

The key to a successful party is keeping the atmosphere relaxed, making sure there’s something for everyone, and keeping all the kids in attendance entertained.

Not sure how to plan your party?

Keep reading for our top tips.

Decorate with Pictures of Your Little One

Most of the guests at your party will probably be family and friends who’ll love cooing over cute photos of your little one.

Print off photos of your baby at different ages, and label them with dates.

People will love comparing the pictures, looking at how much your baby has grown, and figuring out who he/she resembles the most.

Serve a Buffet with Something for Everyone

First birthday parties often attract a diverse range of guests, from tiny toddlers to elderly grandparents.

Serving a buffet is the perfect way to make sure there’s something for everyone to eat, and it means you don’t need to spend hours preparing a sit-down meal.

Offer miniature sandwiches, pastries, vegetable sticks and dips, fruit, and mini desserts.

Provide plastic plates and cups for kids, and consider putting down a plastic picnic mat for them to eat on. This is a great way to keep the mess contained and means you don’t need to find as many chairs.

Get a Smash Cake for Your Baby

Since your baby won’t have much idea of what’s going on at their party, you don’t need to worry too much about party games or activities.

However, all babies love tucking into sweet treats, and a smash cake is a fun addition to any toddler party.

These special cakes are made using healthy, natural ingredients, and they’re designed for kids to get messy and smash into. Pick flavors you know your baby likes, and let them go crazy with their very first birthday cake.

Don’t worry if they’re more interested in attacking the cake than eating it – this is all about having fun.

Provide Toys and Games for Older Kids

While your baby won’t need much entertainment, the same probably isn’t true for the other kids in attendance.

If you want to keep the atmosphere relaxed, provide a corner with plenty of toys for young guests to play with, or lay out pens and paper to let little ones get creative.

Plan simple party games if you like, but don’t go overboard – too much noise and excitement could tire your baby out.

Tips for Throwing a First Birthday Party

When you’re throwing a first birthday party, the key is to stay relaxed.

To your baby this is just another day, so all you really need to worry about is keeping them happy while entertaining your guests.

You can do this by providing a tasty buffet, preparing activities for older kids, sharing photos of your baby, and investing in a fun smash cake.

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