How to Plan the Ultimate 50th Birthday Party for Your Spouse

Turning 50 is a big milestone. You want to make sure you throw your spouse a 50th birthday party to remember. Here’s how to plan the ultimate party.
No one likes to be reminded that they’re turning another year older, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

Fifty is the new thirty, and what better to remind yourself of that than by planning the ultimate 50th birthday party celebration for the one you love?

Read on to discover our tips on how to organize the ultimate 50th birthday party to remember.

What Are Your Partner’s Interests?

Theme is everything. Determine the kind of party your partner would enjoy best by honing in on what they like.

Would a simple get together with drinks and good company suffice? Or do you want to include any special activities or games to keep them and the rest of the guests busy?

This should give you an idea of where to start with regards to what kind of food and decorations you’ll need.

It’s All About The Details

Once you’ve got your theme as a starting point, go all out. This is a milestone birthday after all.

So grab your 50th birthday party balloons and confetti. If you really want to get creative with your decoration, why not really push the boat out and tackle a balloon bouquet?

Fifty Candles

To add pizazz without collapsing your cake, we suggest a candle cake. Before you start panicking, we’re by no means suggesting you ditch a real cake. The cake stays, this is just a fun extra.

Tie 50 candlesticks together in a lush bouquet with an elegant ribbon for your partner to blow out all in one go. Then, celebrate with your cake of choice. We recommend adding a nice cake topper to finish it all off.

Personalized napkins match add a nice touch, along with banners, and drinkware that can be kept as a souvenir of the special day.

Be Guest Obsessed

If you’re able to nab a big enough venue, why not invite 50 guests to suit the occasion?

More guests means more decorating and menu planning, but if you’re willing to spare the budget, you can get a catering company on board to help you out.

Smaller gatherings can work too, especially if you and your partner are looking to plan a more simple affair. It also means you can get creative with your cooking and have some fun in the kitchen working on your birthday bakes.

Most of all, you want your spouse and guests to have fun! Get a few friends together to trade ideas for the kind of food they might like.


You don’t want to go half-way with this – if you’re planning a birthday blow-out, make it good. Once you’ve planned what kind of food you want, lay it out in displays of 50.

If you’re crafty, put together a photo board of 50 snaps from your partner’s highlight reel. Fill it with memorable moments full of friends, family, and amazing experiences.

It’s important to emphasize that 50 is just the beginning of a new and exciting stage in their life – the fun doesn’t end here!

Encourage guests to recall and write down their favorite memory involving your partner, express their well wishes, or write down why they’re such a valuable friend. Keep these, and read them out later on in the night as a surprise.

You could even get your partner’s closest friends to put together a playlist of the songs that make them think of your spouse. Play this on the day.

Ready To Plan A 50th Birthday Party?

The key to a good party is personalization.

Showing your loved one you care can be found even in the simplest and sweetest of details.

To find out how we can lend a helping hand for your partner’s 50th birthday bash, get in touch with us or browse our customizable party products and birthday balloons today.