How To Increase Balloon Float Time Part 4

In the previous posts, I talked about increasing float time for birthday balloons, wedding balloons, and personalized balloons. To review, we talked about:

1) Proper Inflation: Under inflation will diminish the float time of your custom balloons.

2) Hand Tying: Using sealing methods like Premium Balloon Seals add weight to the balloon and does not seal the balloon as well as hand tying. Hand tying increases balloon float time.

The final method to increase float time is to add Hi Float to the inside of the custom printed balloons. Here’s how Hi Float works: before inflating your latex balloon with helium, inject a pre-measured amount of Hi Float into the inside of the balloon. The consistency of Hi Float is that of shampoo. The balloon is then inflated with helium a little bigger than normal to carry the extra weight of the Hi Float. The Hi Float treated balloon seals the inside of the personalized latex balloon and increases the float time from 12-24 hours to 1-2 weeks!