How to Decorate a Magical Winter Wonderland Party

Winter wonderland themes are nothing short of magical. Follow these tips to plan a perfect winter wonderland party of your own.

You want to create the most magical Winter Wonderland party. Are you feeling lost on how to pull it off?

The Winter Wonderland theme isn’t just for kids who have watched Frozen too many times. A Winter Wonderland party can be a good fit for the office, a wedding or a small, intimate dinner party.

You can go all out on decorations and go to the extreme. But you’ll be an incredibly stressed out host.

Or you can opt for a simple, stress-free gathering that will “wow” everyone there.

What would you rather have?

Read on for our tips to create an unforgettable Winter Wonderland experience that’s stress-free.

Decide on the Experience

Before you start making homemade decorations, you want to think about the entire party. This will help you decide how much each room or parts of your yard need the most decorations.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the first impression I want to give to my guests? Of course, this answer will differ if it’s a kids’ party or if it’s a dinner party or 12.
  • How do I see guests moving throughout the space during the evening? Are there going to be games, drinks, and appetizers in the living room? Will people be milling about the main room? Or will everyone be hanging out in the kitchen?
  • What is the feeling I want them to leave with? This is the most important question. Your guests are going to judge the entire evening based on how they felt at the end. Your goal as a host is to make your guests feel special during the entire evening.

Thinking through how the party space will be utilized will give you a head start on how to decorate the experience.

Decorate Your Party with a Personal Touch

How you decorate your party is a reflection of you.

That starts with the color scheme you choose. If you want an elegant look, a light shade of blue, gray, silver and white work well. Another option is to go with the traditional forest green, red and gold look.

When people first arrive, you can have candles or a balloon arch to greet guests as they approach the door.

With your color scheme, you can decide how you want to decorate. Snowflakes are the most obvious choice of decorations for a winter wonderland party.

You can make a small snowflake arch for your table, snowflake decorations for the walls, or have them hanging from the ceiling.

It’s also a great idea to use mason jars and fill them with candy that matches your color scheme.

You can even take the personalized touch a step further. You can order customized balloons and napkins that can tell the story of the gathering.

Take the Stress out of Your Winter Wonderland Party

Creating the perfect atmosphere for your party can be a stressful experience. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

At Balloons Tomorrow, we have a complete selection of party supplies to help you decorate your next party.

Contact us today to get your next party started.