How to Be A Great Party Host

Whether you are planning an intimate get-together or an activity-filled block party, the host is one of the most important components to creating a successful party. There are many characteristics that a party hostess must have in order to do the job right. Some of these characteristics include patience, creativity, detail oriented, and an overall positive attitude. When putting together a party you are bound to run into unexpected changes. A good host will be able to “roll with the punches” so that their guests never realize that anything has gone awry.

Here are a few helpful tips to use for your next party hosting:How to Be A Great Party Host

Stay calm– Just like dogs, people can sense fear. If you are an anxious wreck your guests will pick up on that which will potentially ruin the vibe of the party.

Don’t sweat the small stuff– Drinks are bound to spill and you might run out of ice. To avoid these small mishaps, take extra precaution and order a little more supplies than you actually need. That way if someone spills a drink on a tablecloth you will have a backup.

Greet your guests– Greeting your guests will make them feel important and appreciated. Many people coming to your party may be nervous about social situations. A reaffirming greeting may be all they need to relax and get in the mood to party!Why You Should Stop Using Disposable Party Cups

Check food/drinks often-Be sure that each guest gets their fair share of food and drinks by making routine rounds. A great way to spot an empty drink is to use Color Changing Cups by Balloons Tomorrow. These cups change colors when exposed to different temperatures. If you are serving cold drinks the color change to the cup will help identify drinks that are low or need more ice. They ar     e also reusable so it’s a great keepsake for your guests -they can even be customized!

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