Graduation Party Decorations to Celebrate Your Graduate

After 12 long years, your grad has done it! It’s time to walk the stage, grab their diploma, and enter into the real world.

Before the daunting tasks of choosing a major and school come into play, they need a celebration. Their graduation party is big because it gives them time to connect with everyone before their next big move.

So, for a day so special, the party planners have to be on their A-game. You have to get out your invitations, plan some killer food, and most importantly — decorate.

We’ve all seen the photo montages most people have of their kids at grad parties. But, don’t you want something a little more unique?

That’s why we’re stepping in. Here are some awesome graduation party decorations that will blow your guests (and grad!) out of the water.

Jenga Guestbook

Does anyone actually go back and sift through the pages of their guestbook? Probably not. So, give them a fun way to remember who was a part of their big day.

Create a ‘Jenga’ guestbook where guests are encouraged to sign Jenga blocks. They can also add a brief message or include a memory with the grad!

These are fun because they can be used or displayed in much more ways than a heavy book. This is the guestbook your graduate would actually want to take with them.

DIY Tree

Like the Jenga book, this gives your grad a fun way to look back on their day. Start by finding tiny tree branches — real or fake — and decorating them if you choose.

You would then put these branches into a vase and sprawl out matching notecards. Then, leave out pens and clothespins for your guests to write advice for the graduate!

Balloon Superlative

It doesn’t matter if your grad was voted “Best Hair” or “Most Likely to Succeed”. A fun way to remember the superlatives is to attach photos to a balloon.

You should focus on bringing these balloons into one space to maximize the visual impact. Also, try and use colorful, bright balloons to really stand out.

School-Themed Candy Bar

How can you throw the sweetest party for your grad? Let everyone take home a bag of candy from a build your own station.

But, tie school-related quips into the description labels. Gummy worms can be ‘bookworms’. Starburst can be a representation of your star graduate.

And, nerds? Well, I don’t think I need to explain those.


Put a fun spin on this backyard favorite but creating bags with your grad’s school emblems. They’re surprisingly easy to make. Also, they can be used long after serving as graduation party decorations.

Make this more competitive by offering goodie bags for the winners. Or, assemble a contest where the 1st place team wins a big gift card.

For Your Graduation Party Decorations

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