Giving Thanks

As we enter into the week of Thanksgiving I – like many others – like to really reflect on what I have. Yes, there are a lot of physical objects on my “Thankful For” list – coffee & my ipod just to name a couple (they make my days better but I like to think that I could live without them if I had to) but I also like to think about the people I am thankful for. Of course I am thankful for all of my family especially my husband and son (and thankful that they put up with/tolerate my craziness) but also those that I connect with in a different way. I am so thankful for the children’s librarians at our public library for helping provide a wonderful learning area that my son enjoys every week or for the young workers at our grocery store who are more than happy to help me with my groceries after a long day at work.

As I recently helped a friend with some planning for a birthday party I realized I am able to add some more people to my “Thankful For” list – those that work at Balloons Tomorrow. Their customer service & design staff is FAN-TASTIC! So super helpful in taking our ideas and putting them all together into some fabulous party decorations. We knew bits & pieces of what we wanted but the Balloons Tomorrow crew did an outstanding job of really pulling everything together for us. These guys & gals sure know their stuff and made planning this party super easy on our part. I encourage you to give them a jingle – even if you don’t know exactly what you need for your party – they will work with you to find the perfect products to fit your party & budget. So thank you Balloons Tomorrow staff for all of your hard work and dedication to providing superb customer service, fantastic products, and a speedy delivery!

On that note I want to wish you all a happy & safe Thanksgiving week and stay tuned for a recap of the birthday party I mentioned!

imgage via eighteen25