Custom Printed Foil Mylar Balloons

Custom foil (mylar) balloons are popular because they last a very long time compared to custom latex balloons.
Often referred to as Foil balloons they are actually made of Mylar which is similar to foil.
These balloons also have a much larger print surface to imprint your message, logo or picture on and can float for weeks at a time as well as be re-used 4 or 5 times.
Choose from a variety of colors and styles including popular sports balloons to imprint your custom message on these personaized foil balloons.
Custom printed foil balloon heart shaped says happy birthdayheart shaped foil balloonsports foil balloons
Foil Balloon colors and shapes, at a glance:
foil balloon colors
lavender foil balloonpurple heart foil balloonred foil balloonwhite heart foil balloonblue star foil balloongold star foil balloonred star foil balloonsilver star foil balloonwhite star foil balloonbaseball foil balloonbasketball foil balloonsoccer foil balloonfootball foil balloongolf ball foil balloon

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