DIY Father’s Day

Whether you go all out or are the low-key type Father’s Day is definitely not a holiday to skip. With the holiday being just a few days away there is still time for you and your family to make this one to remember. Too many times I find myself spending too much time thinking about what I should buy, time running short, and ending up making a gift with what I can find around the house. I like to think that these end up being the most cherished gifts – ones you create and put your heart into. Here are a few fun Father’s Day gifts that are sure to put a smile on your man’s face!

How about starting the morning out right by cooking that special guy breakfast in bed?! Sounds like the perfect way to wake up to me! Add a little personal touch with a fun little sign that you can easily download here – can’t you totally imagine one of these Father’s Day printables topping a stack of pancakes?!

Father's Day Printables

Wreaths of every shape and size are very trendy right now and customizing them to fit the holiday or event is so easy! Let everyone know that you are celebrating the father in your house by following these simple instructions to make a tie wreath. This wreath is so fun you could keep it up well past Father’s Day.

Tie Wreath

Or maybe the father in your life hard to buy for. I have one of those in my life so I am always on the look out for the perfect gift that doesn’t cost a lot of cash and if it is something I can make myself – even better! I recently came across a Father’s Day questionnaire and fully anticipate doing this when my son is a couple of years older.

Retro Father's Day Questionnaire

Whether you like DIY projects or you would just rather find that perfect gift at the store take some time this Father’s Day to share with that special man how much he means to you and how much you appreciate everything he does. I promise he will think that alone is the best gift of all!