Custom Printed Balloons

About 26 years ago we sold custom printed balloons to local businesses. I remember our first customer was Sears & Roebuck. Sears wanted balloons for a weekend sale and promotion. At this time we did not print our own balloons. We tried to order custom printed balloons from a balloon printer in Chicago. The balloon printing company, ToyTex said it would only take six weeks to get an order for 250 personalized balloons. I’m like what? Are you kidding me? This was “normal production time” in the balloon printing world. I decided at that point that I would change the way balloons were printed. We bought our first balloon printing machine to offer fast 24 hour and same day custom printed balloons. Who wants to wait 6 stinking weeks for printed balloons? The rest is history. ToyTex is out of business and we revolutionized the balloon printing industry.