Custom Balloon Colors

Order custom balloons in a variety of popular colors
Choose from a variety of popular balloon colors for your imprinted balloons. We have both standard balloon colors and our very popular bright decorator balloon colors to choose from with your personalized balloons.

We also print custom balloons in "pearlized" or metallic balloon colors. Pearlized balloons have a pastel finish that is warm and soft and is popular for wedding balloons. Metallic balloons have a bright finish that has a metallic shine to it and is a popular balloon to customize with your personal message as birthday balloons or for special events, parties or anniversaries.
12" Custom Balloon Colors
12' Custom Balloon Colors
12" Pearl and Metallic Balloons
Pearl or "Pearlized" balloons have a softer, pastel-like finish and are popular as wedding balloons.

Metallic have a "shine" to them which gives them a metallic look and feel.
Custom Pearl and Metallic Balloon Colors
10" Custom Balloons

10" Custom Balloons are perfect as birthday party balloons and are our most economically priced custom balloons.
10' Custom balloon colors
14" Custom Balloon Colors
14' Custom balloon colors
17" Custom Balloon Colors
Often called the "car dealers advertising balloon" the 17 inch balloon is very popular as an advertising balloon to print a logo or any message that you want to really stand out and be seen from a distance.
17' custom balloon colors
Round Foil Balloon Colors
Often called "Mylar" balloons these are actually foil balloons. They are popular because they last longer than vinyl balloons.
custom round foil balloon colors
Image shown is a four color printed foil balloon. These must be special order by calling us at 800-343-4347
2, 3, 5 and 6 Foot Custom Balloon Colors
These giant balloons are very popular at events, grand openings, sales events, real estate open houses and anywhere you want your balloon to be seen from very, very far away.
giant custom balloon colors
5 and 7 Foot Custom Balloon Colors:
Order Giant Custom Balloons

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