Creating The Fun Baby Shower Experience

Baby Shower BalloonsBaby shower balloons are one way to create a fun baby shower experience for all. We’ve got all the reasons you need balloons the next time the stork drops by.


Balloons are a classic decoration and they have adorned generations of baby showers.

Balloons are inexpensive and festive and can add a whimsical flourish to any baby shower, not to mention a pop of color and that childhood party feel.

But if you don’t know how to incorporate baby shower balloons into your event, look no further. Whether you opt for helium filled balloons or not, here are three of the best ways to use baby shower balloons.

Embrace the balloon

With a little creativity, baby shower balloons can become the focal point of the day and can help to enhance the theme.

Of course, you can find balloons in all kinds of different characters. You would be hard pressed to find a theme that didn’t already have a ready-made balloon that matched.

But baby shower balloons are also a great opportunity to try your hand at some Do It Yourself decorations.

One cute idea is to have a hot air balloon theme. All you need to create your own hot air balloons are some baskets, balloons, and string. Tie the balloons to the baskets and viola! Hot air balloons!

You can use your hot air balloons for centerpieces or hold things like silverware.

Add a little sparkle to your baby shower balloons by rolling one end of the balloon in a thin layer of glue and then dip in glitter.

Another idea is a balloon garland, which is a versatile decorating option that can be used to complement any baby shower theme.

Baby shower balloon games

Another great use for baby shower balloons is for games. Here are a few of our favorites!

  • When will mommy pop? Give everyone an inflated balloon and have them race to see who can pop their balloon first. To make this game harder, you can make the rule that you can’t use tools (forks, pins, scissors, etc.). Or even go handless and laugh as everyone tried to sit on their balloon or pin it against a wall!
  • How big is the belly? This game is reminiscent of your childhood favorite of guessing how many gumballs are in the jar. Have the mother to leave the room and see who can blow up their balloon closest to the size of her belly.
  • The baby name game: If the baby name has already been announced, this can be a fun game for guests. Write names on balloons before they are blown up and let everyone pick a balloon as they arrive. Only one of the balloons will have the baby’s name on it and whoever picked that balloon wins. Be as tricky as you want! Maybe the first name is correct on a few baby shower balloons, but the middle name isn’t!

Picture perfect

If mom and dad had a maternity shoot, this is the perfect opportunity to show off those pictures.

You will need physical prints of the pictures, string, and helium filled balloons. Tie the pictures to the baby shower balloons with different lengths of string and let them loose during the baby shower.

Guests will have a blast tracking down every last picture as they bump along throughout the baby shower.

Or you can put the pictures right on the balloons themselves with custom printed photo balloons!

No matter how you decide to use baby shower balloons, it’s sure to add a little pop to your decorations.