Corporate Balloons

Balloons are great for any local or national promotion for a sale or product launch. Here’s a few examples of corporate uses of balloons.

1) Wireless providers use balloons for national promotions, sales, incentives and employee recognition.

2) Pharmaceutical companies uses foil mylar balloons for the launch of new drugs at a trade show.

3) Announcement of a logo or name change. A few years ago. Pepsi Co. changed the Pepsi logo. And to promote and announce the logo change, Pepsi ordered foil mylar balloons to be given away at Times square in New York during New Years. Thousands of people at Times Square carried around the new Pepsi logo balloons for free. Each custom mylar balloon was a walking billboard for Pepsi.

4) A national food specialty company uses foil mylar balloons for their promotions. Customers are given a foil mylar balloon with the companies logo and a birthday greeting. hosts a private web store, so each franchise can order custom mylar balloons at a deep discount.

5) Retail stores use custom mylar balloons for in-store displays. The balloons are used to mark sales racks. A large national department store uses corporate balloons on a regular basis to promote store promotions and sales.

6) A large discount store headquatered in Arkansas uses cusotm mylar balloons to promote a sale in all the optical departments across the country. We print and ship custom mylar balloons to thousands of individual optical centers in time for the national sale. has years of experience serving corporate clients with custom mylar balloons. Quantities starting at 2,000 to 2 million is no problem. We make it easy with shipping service to thousands of locations. We will provide fast custom service and meet your deadline. can also provide a custom web store just for your franchise that allows each unit to order directly with savings you get from a large buying group.

Let us show you how we can promote your business, product launch, or national sales event with corporate balloons