Circus and Carnival Themed Parties Kids Will Adore

The circus may not be in town but you can still bring the fun of the carnival to you with circus themed parties. It’s a timeless theme synonymous with fun.

The point of the circus theme is to be as over-the-big-top as possible. Shaved ice, popcorn, fireworks and animals galore. No matter what it’s always a recipe for a successful good time.

If there is any need for more convincing then check out these great circus party ideas.

Carnival Decor

The color pallet should be bright and lively. Try to incorporate red and white stripes on as many things as you can and traditionally you would incorporate blue and yellow accents all around.

You’ll want to include a ferris wheel, a big top tent, elephants, clowns, and acrobatics, if possible. And balloons, lots and lots of balloons. Any one aspect does not a circus party make.

You don’t need the real things of course. A cute stuffed elephant may make a great centerpiece for a table filled with circus-themed goodies. You can also follow the link if you want to try your hand at making your own balloon animals.

Want a neat treat idea for your circus themed parties? Try to make your own popcorn cupcakes.

Use mini marshmallows as a topping on your cupcakes. Put a drizzle of yellow icing or food spray over the top to look like butter and serve in carnival stripe paper treat cups.

Activities for Circus Themed Parties

Give your party some daring flare with rings of fire by adding red and orange streamers to a simple hula-hoop. And what better than a ball pit to add colorful fun to a backyard party.

Have a big top backdrop for a photo booth and fill an accessory bin with a lion’s mane, beast-tamer’s whip, juggling pins, clown noses. The only limit is your imagination. It’s great fun for the kids and creates a great opportunity to capture memories of all of the merrymaking.

You’ll also want to have a few of the many carnival games found at the circus. Creating a DIY ring toss can be a lot of fun when the kids are actually winning prizes instead of being disappointed by the rigged games at a real circus.

Big Top Parties are Big Time Fun

The key to a true circus party is to wear your smile at all times. A celebration is about coming together to make memories and share good times with friends. And there is no better way to do that than the festivities of the circus.

We hope these ideas sparked your imagination to create a grand event that will be the talk of the town.

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