It’s hard not to notice trends when it comes to patterns. A trend that has been going strong for awhile now is the chevron. Chevrons are everywhere and are a fun way to add that perfect pop to your event. The chevron designs are popping up everywhere, weddings, showers, home décor, and clothing.

The fun thing about using patterns is you can make them any color to suit the theme or feel that you are going for – you can make them bold or subtle. You can make them fat or thin, you can have a few or many – it’s a pattern you can tailor to suit your style.Because the chevron pattern can be quite bold you want to make sure you don’t overdo it. Consider just using it in a couple of areas as to not to overwhelm your guests – a pop here and there will really go a long way.

It’s hard to not admire such a simple pattern. I too have fallen for the chevron trend and have used it for an upcoming bridal shower I am organizing so be sure to stay tuned to see just how I used this versatile design.