Cheech and Chong

Here’s a party idea that I remember from listening to Cheech and Chong. As a kid growing up in the seventies and listened to 8 track cassette tapes of George Carlin, Bill Cosby and comedy duo Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. My brother and I listened to these cassettes often before bedtime. listening over and over to the same silly stories told by these famous comedians.

One of my favorite stories came to me today as I was thinking about party ideas for kids. This story was told by Cheech and Chong. As the story goes, these two Hispanic comedians were trying to entertain little kids at a party. The idea that Cheech and Chong came up with was a “breath holding contest,” which was an attempt to put the kids to sleep. Cheech Marin tells the kids, “We are gonna see who can hold their breath the longest.” I can remember him counting out loud, “One, Two, Three, Four,” and so on. Then he would say, “OK, keep holding your breath, only another couple minutes.” As a teenager, I found this story and party idea amusing to the point that my brother and I would listen to it over and over.

Now I would not recommend this game or party idea today, but sometimes you wonder.