Bridal Shower Teaser

This weekend I will be co-hosting a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law and my cousin’s fiancée – a dual shower. I have spent a good amount of time planning the event from afar but have had wonderful help from the other hostesses. I am so excited to share the details of the party with you next week. We came up with a navy blue and yellow color scheme – one that I find elegant and fresh for a summer shower. And as mentioned in a previous post the chevron pattern will be making an appearance as well as a delicious lemonade-punch perfect for a mid-morning party. And no shower would be complete without games. Many people I know are not fond of shower games but my aim is to make them enjoyable for everyone and since we will be honoring two brides at this shower why not let the guests have a break and put the brides to work?! Yes, the brides will be the ones participating in the shower games, not the guests!

I will leave you with some ruffled streamers left over from a past event and which will be making an appearance this weekend!

ruffled streamers – photo courtesy of Benzie Design