Birthday Parties

Birthdays are big in our family. For one day you get to be King or Queen.

We always try to make our grandchildren’s birthday parties special. Grandma makes a birthday crown out of cloth that the kids wear during their dinner. The birthday crown is made of cloth and each grandchild proudly wears this hand-made crown.

Our family is addicted to homemade birthday cake. The birthday boy or girl gets to pick out their own birthday cake which either Mom or Grandma makes. My favorite is a cream cheese cake with chocolate crust and M&Ms sprinkled into the cake during the chilling process.

We have a set of twin grandchildren and our Daughter-in-law bakes them each a half cake on their birthday.

I think maybe on my next blog, I will share a recipe for my two favorite birthday cakes. Yum.

Of course, we always have birthday balloons printed for each birthday party.