Imprinted Birthday Banners

Imprinted birthday banners are an inexpensive way to add flare and fun to your next birthday event. We recommend birthday banners printed on Tyvex material. The Tyvex banner allows us to print your special birthday greeting in four colors, giving you a brilliant, colorful banner. We can print four color photographs on the Tyvex birthday banner. The Tyvex is light weight, affordable, and designed for one-time or indoor use. However, I did leave a Tyvex banner outside and the sprinkler system did spray the banner with no problems. I don’t recommend the Tyvex banner for outdoor use or getting the birthday banner wet, but it did get wet and it was just fine. You can use the Tyvex banner for trade shows, store promotions, and sales. We can make the banner in almost any shape with the 2 feet by 2 feet, or 2 feet by 3 feet which is the most common for birthday banners. For more permanent banners we recommend a vinyl banner. We can also attach grommets to the banner so you can use the grommets to tie down the banner. But because the Tyvex banner is light weight, you can tape it to most surfaces.