Balloon Sealing Methods

People always ask me “What is the best method of tying or sealing a balloon?” OK, are you ready? Just tie them with your fingers, just tie a knot. This is actually the best method to ensure balloon float time and it is the least expensive.

Now there are other devices that can tie or seal a balloon. The foil or mylar balloons that we carry already have a self-sealing valved installed, so there is no need to buy any other balloon sealing device.

For latex balloons, we have three devices for sealing:
1) Balloon Seals- These seals, with attached white ribbon, are our most popular. Balloon Seals make the balloon choke safe and are easy to use.
2) Quickie Clip System- This balloon sealing system is less expensive and require the one time purchase of a quickie clip dispenser, but you must also buy ribbon or string.
3) Balloon Disc- This balloon sealing method is also inexpensive and does not include the ribbon, but make the balloon choke safe for kids.

All methods of balloon sealing other than tying will diminish float time because they weigh the balloon down. If you want to increase float time, use Super High Float for your balloons. More on that in the next blog