How To Increase Balloon Float Time Part 2

In my last post, I discussed that proper inflation is the first key to increasing balloon float time. If you are buying a 12 inch balloon but only inflating to the size of a 10 inch balloon, then you should buy the 10 inch balloons and save yourself money.

Also if you want your balloons to float a real long time, I would suggest an 18 inch foil or Mylar balloon. The 18 inch foil balloon will float for three to four weeks, a much longer float life that latex balloons have. Plus, you can refill the printed Mylar balloon over and over because of the self sealing valve.

18 inch foil personalized balloon are great for store displays, employee recognition, birthday gifts, and more. One retirement village orders Mylar balloons printed with the company logo and gives them to residents for special occasions such as birthdays, Get Well Soon messages, etc. Because the foil balloons custom printed float a long time, everyone is happy.