Balloon Drop Net

What is a Balloon Drop Net? A balloon drop net is a plastic mesh net bag or tube, that is used to hold air-filled latex balloons with the idea that these air-filled balloons will be dropped onto an area to create fun and excitement. If you have ever been to or watched a political convention, award show, or a New Year’s Eve party, you may have seen a balloon drop net in action.

The balloon drop net is filled with hundreds of air-filled balloons, and then the net is hoisted and hung above a designated area. At a precise time, like when the clock strikes midnight, the balloon drop net is opened remotely below with a rip cord. When the rip cord is pulled the bottom of the drop net releases the balloons to the crowd below. The falling balloons create a fun and festive atmosphere below. The typical balloon release net will hold 100-900 9 inch or 10 inch air filled balloons. You can also use 11 or 12 inch balloons. If you use a larger balloon, you will only need about half that amount, about 400-500 balloons.  Each air filled balloon can be filled with compressed air or nitrogen. You don’t want to use helium or the balloons will float. I recommend a Cool Air Inflator. The Cool Air Balloon Inflator is small, compact, and plugs into any electrical outlet. The Cool Air Inflator is also light, portable, and can blow up lots of balloons real fast.

So what is the difference between a balloon drop net and a balloon release net? Nothing, except what you put inside. The balloon drop net and a balloon release net are the same product. With a balloon release net you put in helium filled balloons so that when the rip cord is activated, the helium balloons will release into the air instead of dropping to the floor below. The balloon release net is tethered to the ground, a balloon drop net is hung above on a ceiling