Balloon Arches

The term “balloon arches” is one of the most popular search topics for balloons on the internet. Balloon arches are great for any party, anniversary, prom, or wedding. Balloon arches are easy to build and can add pizazz to any celebration.

When building an arch, understand that all you are doing is adding balloons to a ribbon or string. The balloons must be evenly spaced. The arch is then tied down or anchor an each end. The balloons will naturally assume an arch shape. It’s that simple. In future blogs, I will give specifics on arch design and planning. But remember, you can do it yourself or you can pay a balloon decorator to build your arch. The balloons must of course be filled with helium if you want an arch that will form a rainbow shape. For an air-filled balloon arch, you will have to build a base of cardboard or foam that will stand on it’s own. Cover this base with your balloons and your balloon arch is complete!