Balloon Accessories

We have a large variety of high-quality balloon accessories to accompany your custom balloons.
balloon cups to attach to balloons
Perfect accessories for custom balloons you will fill with air such as for table decorations:
Balloon Cup
Balloon cups are required to attach white sticks to your balloons.
$9.90 / gross

White Stick
White balloon sticks can be used to hold air-filled balloons. Don't forget to order balloon cups; they are required to attach white sticks to balloons
15" White Sticks: $9.90 / gross
23" White Sticks: $18.36 / gross

Balloon Base
Attaches to horizontal surfaces like tabletops and holds one white stick.
$29.90 / gross
Order Balloon Base
sticky holder for balloons
Sticky Holder
Attaches to vertical surfaces like walls, and holds three white sticks.
$3.98 / each
Order Sticky Holders
inflate your custom balloons
Cool Air Inflator
Provides continuous or intermittent cool air to rapidly inflate high quantities of balloons QUICKLY! (please note this does not provide helium for floating balloons).
To rent this item, give us a call!
$160.00 / each
Order Cool Air Inflator
tie a ribbon around your personalized balloons
Ribbon Roll
500 yards of ribbon for your balloons.
Available in 14 different colors! $4.90 / roll
Order Ribbon Roll
cut ribbon for helium balloons
Cut Ribbon
5 foot lengths of cut ribbon for your helium balloons.
$7.18 / gross
Order Cut Ribbon
cut string for helium balloons
Cut String
5 foot lengths of cut string for your helium balloons.
$19.90 / 1000 lengths
Order Cut String
11,000 feet of string for tying to balloons
Cone of String
11,000 feet of string per cone!
$24.95 / cone
Order Cone of String
increase float time of your helium balloons
Ultra-Hi Float
Increases float time of latex balloons to 1-2 weeks. Don't forget to order a Hi-Float dispenser; they are required to measure Hi-Float.
$20.00 / Quart Bottle $69.00 / 96 Ounce Bottle
Order High Float
pump for hi float
Hi Float Dispenser Pump
Required to measure Hi-Float.
$7.90 / each
Order High Float Dispenser Pump
helium regulator
Helium Regulator
Available with or without a gauge.
$49.00 / each (without gauge)
$98.00 / each (with gauge)
Order Helium Regulator
Premium Balloon Seals
Our most popular balloon seals! Includes 48" white ribbon. For use on 12"+ balloons.
$11.00 - 100 pack
$15.84 - 144 pack
$27.50 - 250 pack
Order Premium Balloon Seals
premium balloon sealsour most popular balloon sealseasily seal balloons
1. Pull balloon neck into any slot, so balloon is seated in cup.
2. Pull balloon neck up into adjacent slot, creating a weaving pattern.
3. Pull balloon neck down into the last slot to finish assembly.
Safetite Balloon Discs
Requires string or ribbon; for use on 12"+ balloons.
$9.90 - 144 pack
Order Safetite Balloon Discs
safetite balloon discsorder safetite balloon discsseal your custom balloon without tying
1. Stretch the neck of the balloon and insert into long slot of disc.
2. Again, stretch balloon neck down and over through short slot.
3. Pull neck back up into original slot and seat in center of disc.
Safety Seal Plugs
Includes 48" white ribbon attached. For use on 12" balloons only.
$0.18 / each (you install)
$0.24 / each (we install)
Order Balloon Safety Seal Plugs
balloon safety seal plugssealing a balloonssealed balloon
1.Seat the bottom of the plug onto the helium nozzle.
2. With both hands, secure the plug to the nozzle and begin releasing helium into balloon.
3. Once the balloon is fully inflated, remove from helium nozzle.
Quickie Klips
Requires dispenser and string or ribbon. For use on 12"+ balloons.
$9.90 / 144 pack
$24.90 / dispenser
Order Balloon Quickie Klips
balloon tyingtying a balloonballoon quicky klip
1. Inflate balloon and twist neck.
2. Slide twisted neck through dispenser until it "clicks".
3. Balloon sealed with ribbon attached.

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