7 Not-So-Spooky Ideas For A Kid’s Halloween Party

kids halloween partyHalloween is typically a time for ghosts, ghouls, and all things that are scary.

Your kids Halloween party doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. You can create fun and exciting festivities without traumatizing your little ones for years to come.

Check out these awesome kids Halloween party ideas that are sure to please even the faintest of heart and youngest of guests.

1. Harry Potter Kids Halloween Party

A Harry Potter party can offer a magical theme and lots of fun for your wizards of all ages. There’s no shortage of fun children’s Halloween party ideas for a Harry Potter theme.

Invitations can be their letter to Hogwarts. The entrance to your party can easily resemble platform 9 3/4 by making a paper brick wall for the kids to walk through.

Wands, broomsticks, potions, owls, cats and frogs can all be great ways to decorate without scaring the children but giving your party an authentic Halloween feel.

Butterbeer, jelly beans and chocolate frogs are great options for treats at a Harry Potter kid friendly Halloween party.

2. It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

For over 50 years It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown has been part of the Halloween tradition for many families.

Why not make it a theme for your kids Halloween party?

Apple bobbing, pumpkin carving and other party games with fun music and a Charlie Brown costume and dance party can offer lots of fun for your little trick or treaters.

Top it off with watching the show and decorate with pumpkins and themed balloons, napkins and other party accessories to make the perfect event for young and old.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas Kids Halloween Party

Turn your party into Halloween Town with a Nightmare Before Christmas party.

Black and white accents around the party like balloons, pictures of Jack Skeleton, and other characters. Cardboard can be used to make decorations like oogie boogie dice for games, a forest of trees and photobooth accessories for the ultimate souvenir.

4. Carnival Halloween Party

Everyone loves a carnival. Turn the backyard or basement into an incredible carnival atmosphere with streamers, balloons, clowns and bright colored strings of lights.

Add some fun games and carnival treats and you can easily turn your Halloween celebration into a carnival of fun for all ages.

Ring toss, bean bag toss, miniature golf and nerf dart games can give the kids hours of fun activities to fill the day.

Carnival treats like popcorn balls and candy apples are often favorite treats.

5. Candyland Kids Halloween Party

Halloween is all about candy so why not go with a Candyland themed party?

You can go all out and make a giant Candyland game board out of fabric, paper or chalk and let the kids be the game pieces.

Tons of colors, candy and fun are all you need to make this theme work. Streamers, colorful balloons and giant cardboard candy shaped decorations can turn even the dullest of party venues into a Candyland wonderland.

Let the kids make their own lollipops or decorate colorful cupcakes with tons of candy choices.

You can even make a playlist of Candyland themed music to add to the atmosphere.

Make Your Party Delightful Instead of Frightful

It doesn’t take much to give your party that wow factor. All you need is some great ideas, a little creativity and some delicious treats to make your kids Halloween party into a delightful time for everyone who attends.

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