7 Creative Decorations for a Going Away Party

Stumped on how to decorate your friend’s farewell party? Here are seven creative ideas to inspire your going away party decorations.

Going away parties can be sad events.

But with a little planning, you can give your guest of honor a proper send-off, as well as a fun memory that they won’t soon forget.

Keep reading to learn 7 fun, creative ideas for going away party decorations.

1. Make it a Theme Party

Depending on where your guest of honor is moving to, a great idea for going away party decorations is to choose a theme.

If they’ll be jetting off to a different part of the world, use airplanes as a theme. If they’ll be driving cross-country to their new home, make it a road-trip theme party.

Choosing a cohesive theme makes it easier to choose going away party decorations. You can reinforce the theme with some custom printed balloons.

2. “Up, Up, and Away!”

If you’re hosting a going away party for a former coworker who’s moving on to better things, why not celebrate their achievement with an “Up, Up, and Away” theme.

Clusters of balloons make great decorations for this theme. A big balloon release at the end is also a great choice. It’s a way to say goodbye and to give guests and your party honoree a sight that they won’t soon forget. It’s also a great photo opportunity so that you can create lasting memories of the end of your time together.

3. Remember the Good Times

At a going away party, it can be easy to focus on the sadness of the event, especially if the guest of honor is moving far away.

Instead, focus on the good times by incorporating fun memories about your time together into your going away party decorations.

For younger honorees who have lived in one place their entire life, write numbers on balloons, one each for every year of their life. Then, hang a photo from each balloon of the honoree when they were that age. Your guests will have a great time reminiscing about the past and looking forward to the future.

4. Travel-themed Decor that Doubles as Games

Another fun way to keep the party rolling is to choose decorations that double as fun party games.

Place tiny suitcases, miniature airplanes, or other travel-themed items at each seat. Then, tell guests a chosen word that they can’t say aloud, like “goodbye.”

Every time one of the guests says the chosen word, another guest must steal their travel-themed item. The person with the most stolen items at the end wins a prize!

5. Geography Lesson

Another easy theme for going away parties is anything related to geography. Decorate with maps and photos of the place that the honoree is traveling to.

This will also give the honoree a chance to tell the other guests about their new home.

6. Add a Touch of Surprise

End your party on a happy note by adding a fun surprise at the end.

Like the big balloon release, a balloon drop is a fun-photo opportunity, and creates a memory that your guests won’t soon forget!

7. Go Custom

The whole point of a going away party is to celebrate the person who is leaving.

Honor that person by choosing customized decorations. Napkins with the guest’s name or a phrase are a great touch. So are custom banners and balloons.

Choosing the Perfect Going Away Party Decorations

If you’re struggling to plan a going away party, why not get creative and make the entire event a surprise? That way your guest of honor won’t have to worry about the planning details, but will still enjoy a fun, memorable send off.

If you think that a surprise going away party is the right choice, check out these tips for planning the perfect surprise party!