7 Birthday Party Venues Every Kid Will Love

Are you having trouble choosing the best place to host your child’s next birthday party? Check out these birthday party venues every kid will love.

You don’t have to be a part of the birthday party arms race to host a great birthday party for your child. Don’t buy into the pressure of spending a fortune on your child’s birthday party.

Instead, host a party that will delight and enthuse your child based on their interests. Whether your child is into crafts, animals, or food, there are plenty of birthday party venues to choose from.

Check out these 7 creative ideas for your child’s next birthday party.

1. Go to Sundae School

Your child and their friends will love you, their parents might not after this party. Arrange with your local ice cream shop for a sundae making party.

You pick a couple flavors and toppings options, the partygoers let their creativity fly in making their sundaes. For a real treat, you can go to Ben and Jerry’s website to locate one of their local scoop shops.

2. Something’s Fishy

Let’s face it, kids love touching gross things. So what better than taking them to the local aquarium for some quality time with the touch tanks.

Arrange for a tour of the aquarium and for a separate area for the cake and festivities. But we all know the highlight of the trip will be the opportunity to touch a stingray.

3. Get Cheesy

Contact your local pizza parlor and ask if they’d be willing to host your party before they open for business. Arrange for everyone to get a personal sized amount of dough so each child can make their own personal pan pizza.

4. Bowling

Rent a couple lanes at your local bowling alley and have partygoers bowl for an afternoon. Usually, the alley will provide a separate room for cake and refreshments.

5. Get Crafty

If your child is into crafting, then nothing would be better than hosting your party at the craft store such as Michael’s. Just go in advance and pick out which craft you want to do at the party.

You only have to pay a small fee plus supplies and bring your own food and party supplies. The store will supply you with a room and a party leader to teach partygoers how to do the craft.

6. Fire Department

Contact your local fire department and inquire about hosting a possible visit. Usually, for a donation, your local fire department will welcome you to the station.

Partygoers can learn about being a firefighter, get an up-close look at the truck, and try on the equipment. Just remember that if they are called to duty, the party is over.

7. Get Wild

Many local zoos will host birthday parties where a staff member will give a tour. You could even arrange for partygoers to interact with a wild animal or two.

Call Your Birthday Party Venues

Once you pick the venue and theme that your child will most enjoy, call up and start making your arrangements. Remember to ask the birthday party venues about the limits for the number of guests, timing, and costs for extras.

Don’t forget the decorations! Order some custom balloons and themed decorations for your child’s next birthday party.