7 Adorable 1st Birthday Ideas for New Moms

7 Adorable 1st Birthday Ideas for New Moms

babies first brithdayCongratulations! You’ve made it through 365 days of parenthood and it’s time to celebrate your little bundles first birthday!

First birthdays are as much for the parents as they are for the child. They mark the end of a year of sleepless nights and teething pains and learning tons of new skills. You made it! Time to party!

As you are getting ready for your little one’s first birthday, you might feel overwhelmed by all the ideas available. So here are 7 of the most adorable 1st birthday ideas to help you out.

1st Birthday Ideas for Every Mom

Not every mom is into the Pinterest perfect party, and that’s ok. We’ve got ideas for every level of intensity when it comes to 1st birthdays.

The key here is to just embrace whatever your particular style is. Do you love to DIY? Craft away, girl! Is your idea of a good party just a kiddie pool and a few friends? That’s awesome, too!

This is a party celebrating your little one and you as parents. No matter how you plan it, it should reflect you.

So here are 7 perfect 1st birthday ideas, just for you.

1. Base it on a Book

Is there a special title you’ve been reading your little one since before they were born?

Aer they named for a book character?

Use that to create inspiration for their first birthday!

A little girl named Alice could have an adorable tea party. A child who begs to hear Cat in the Hat every night would be thrilled with a Dr. Suess-themed party, complete with red and blue balloons

A special something for these parties? Request that in lieu of a gift, guests bring a wrapped book for a special book exchange.

2. Take it On the Road

Ok, not really. It may be a little early for baby’s first road trip. But you can definitely have an amazing travel themed party!

With an around the world theme, you can serve all kinds of yummy foods, and add in a hot air balloon motif to tie it all together.

Don’t forget the balloons!

3. Year in the Life

Use the party to look back on the past year and all the milestones you’ve celebrated.

Use custom photo balloons to showcase monthly pictures of your little one as they’ve grown, use a chalkboard to display milestone dates and add a photo booth for friends to add their own pictures to the memories!

4. Head to the Circus

Barnum and Bailey’s may be shutting down for good, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own three-ring circus at home!

Animal crackers, bright balloons, and popcorn all help capture the circus feel. Add in a few games and you’re ready to go!

5. Go Glam

If you are into an ultra-glamorous feel, turn on the glitz and throw a swanky first birthday soiree.

Gold and black balloons, lots of sparkles, and you have yourself a fancy-style party. The baby may not care one way or the other, but hey, any excuse to dress up, right?

6. Get Outdoors

A camping or forest theme can be a ton of fun.

Pull together some S’mores, baby trail mix made with goldfish and cheerios, add in a few stuffed forest friends, and you’ve got a party.

This can just as easily be a sweet farm theme as well. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, many local farms will come to you with a few kid-friendly animals.

7. Keep it Simple

If a big to-do isn’t your thing, there is nothing that says you can’t head to the park with a jug of lemonade, some awesome balloons, and store-bought cupcakes.

Little ones can amuse themselves on the jungle gym, and parents can commiserate over the challenges of the last few months. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be a ton of fun.

For more info on how we can make your party amazing with custom balloons and banners, contact us today!