5 Unique And Upcoming Trends To Watch For Your 2019 Wedding

2019 weddingAre you planning a 2019 wedding?

If so, congrats! Whether you’re the bride, groom, or future in-law, weddings are a big deal. This will be a day you remember forever.

To make sure the special day goes well, you have to keep up with the trends. Nothing says boring like a normal wedding ceremony.

Wedding themes change each year, and keeping up with the trends can be difficult. Lucky for you, this article will tell you all the 2019 trends you need to know.

Read on to plan your special day!

1. Engagement Moons

While a honeymoon might be fun, they also will cost you a pretty penny. Taking one before you spend all your money on a wedding could be easier. It might even be less stressful.

In 2019, more and more couples are participating in this trend. In essence, it gives the couple a chance to celebrate their engagement before wedding stress takes over all their thoughts.

Engagement moons are also a perfect opportunity to put your love to the test! If you can spend a week with someone while dealing with travel stress, you know you’ve picked the right one.

2. Drones

You might think this is for a different article, but actually, drones are becoming a popular addition to wedding ceremonies. And, no. They aren’t the new ring bearers.

Drones can take beautiful pictures from angles a regular photographer could never find. And because drone owners are growing by the millions, these mechanical birds are becoming more commonplace.

Be careful with drone usage though. They can become annoying to s

3. Rustic Themes

Believe it or not, rustic themes are still a popular choice for weddings in 2019. Rustic has been a mainstay in recent years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon.

One big perk about rustic themes is that they tend to be cheap to do. That’s the whole point anyway. Simplicity is king in a rustic theme, and this will help your wallet too.

4. Tiaras

Because of the recent royal wedding, many brides are choosing to adorn a tiara too. Tiaras allow brides to feel like they are a princess as well.

These can come in any size, but remember that elegance is best. Even Meghan Markle wore a modest tiara.

5. Colors!

It might come as a surprise that colors are the next big wedding trend. While white colors have been tradition, many brides are choosing to pick colors.

Keep in mind that the colors aren’t too bright or shocking. Chances are that a neon green still won’t fit at a good wedding.

Instead, the colors tend to be light pinks and deep purples. Some reds are also making a showing.

These colors can be anywhere from dresses to flowers to custom balloons. White is still elegant, so don’t feel like you should ditch it all together.

Ready for Your 2019 Wedding?

Now that you know the hottest 2019 wedding trends, you should be on your way to making a great wedding. Visit our wedding ideas page if you’re looking for more tips.

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