5 Unforgettable Ways To Celebrate Your 50th Birthday

50th birthday celebrationMaking it to the age of 50 is a milestone that should be celebrated. Keep reading for 5 unforgettable ways to celebrate your 50th birthday.

You’ve reached the big five-oh. You’ve conquered half a century. Congratulations!

Experts say your 50th is now the peak age to throw a party. And who’s going to argue with a party? 50 is a huge milestone, so it’s no surprise that many people want to celebrate it in style.

Looking for inspiration? We’ve put together 5 unforgettable ways to spend your 50th birthday.

Get Drunk the Sophisticated Way

Great social activity? Check. Can run it from your own home? Check. Near certain probability of over-indulgence? Check, check, check.

The wine tasting party is a classic. It feels special, even a little glamorous, but it’s something you can host from your own living room. Put on your best wine-snob attitude and go for it.

The more prep you do, the more fun it’ll be. Print fancy little cards describing your chosen wines in ludicrously exaggerated terms for the full experience.

Pack Your Bags

Your 50th birthday is a great excuse to get the band back together and go on a foreign adventure.

Pick a destination you’ve never seen. Gather up the friends you’ve always wanted to vacation with. Now, enjoy.

50 is a great age for it, too. Most of the obligations (read: kids) that started to sap friend time in your 20s and 30s have moved on by now, so the world is your oyster all over again.

Murder Your Friends

A murder mystery. Fun and sophistication with the looming threat of death. What’s not to love?

You’ve been probably done dinner parties and meals out in your time. A murder mystery adventure can really spice up this familiar experience and throw you into something new.

If you’re feeling brave, you can host your own. Otherwise, book one in your local area and let someone else handle the details.

Remember the Good Ol’ Days

By the time you’ve hit 50, you’ve seen enough decades that you can pick a favorite.

So why not make that the basis of your 50th birthday? Pick your theme and live it to the hilt. Make sure everyone dresses up for the occasion, kit out the venue to match, and hire a period-appropriate band.

It’s a great nostalgia trip, and fancy dress simply never gets old.

A Drop out of the Bucket

Now, this isn’t a single defined idea, because it’s personal to you.

At 50, you’re a good chunk of the way through your life. It’s great to look back on all the memories you’ve made. But what about those bucket list items still niggling at you?

To celebrate your 50th birthday in style, why not strike an item off? Maybe it’s a road trip across the US, skydiving, or driving a tank. Whatever it is, make it the centerpiece of your birthday.

That way, you’ll remember it forever and start your second half-century as you mean to go on.

A 50th Birthday to Remember

Whatever you do with your 50th, the trick is to make it memorable. You’ve earned it, and it’s a great chance to set the tone for the rest of your life.

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