5 Over-the-Hill Party Ideas to Spice Up Your 40s

Turning 40 is nothing to fuss about. Here are some over-the-hill party ideas that’ll guarantee a good time and great laughs for everyone.

40th birthday partyThe tragic day is finally almost here: You’re about to turn 40.

You’re officially over the hill. It’s all downhill from here.

Luckily, turning 40 doesn’t have to be a bad experience. By throwing an over-the-hill birthday party, you can have some fun with your friends and family as you joking acknowledge your ever-increasing age.

Here are some great over-the-hill party ideas to help you have a fun birthday.

1. Death’s Decorations

Your over-the-hill party needs some appropriate decorations.

For starters, you’ll want to have black decorations: The color of death. Black plates, napkins, streamers will put the guests in the right mood for the occasion. You could even order some custom balloons with an over-the-hill message or a photo.

Most party shops will have plenty of decoration for an over-the-hill theme, such as gravestone posters and even inflatable walkers. Have some fun and make a depressing-yet-hilarious environment.

2. Birth Year Music

Every party needs a playlist. What better way to celebrate how long ago your birth was than by playing music from your birth year?

As far as over-the-hill party ideas go, a birth year playlist is a definite crowd-pleaser. Apart from dating you, playing birth year music is a fun way to bring back some nostalgia from your childhood.

For example, people turning 40 in 2018 could listen to the Top 100 of 1978. That means they’d be getting funky to Andy Gibb or his older brothers that made up the Bee Gees.

Even though you’ll hopefully be “Stayin’ Alive” for a bit longer, playing birth year music is a great reminder of how far you’ve already come.

3. The Hill Cake

It’s not a birthday party without a cake. Luckily, an over-the-hill theme opens up a lot of options.

A classic choice is making a cake that looks like an actual hill. You can either pick up a special half-sphere baking pan, or you can use your normal circle pans and try your hand at carving the cake into the right shape. Use green frosting or fondant for the grass, and top it with gravestone candles.

4. Elderly Edibles

As you age, your tastes and dietary needs start to change.

Realistically, 40-year-olds won’t have much of a problem with this, but it’s great to poke fun at during a party like this.

Along with your cake, your party food should consist of things you’d find in your grandma’s pantry. Prunes, raisin bran, and oatmeal are among the top traditional old-people food. Serve them straight up, or incorporate them into some more tasty recipes (oatmeal cookies, anyone?)

If you want to get really wild, try using prune juice as a mixer in alcoholic drinks such as the appropriately named Bowel Banger (prune juice and vodka) or the Smooth Move (pineapple juice, prune juice, rum, and sour mix).

5. Perfect Party Favors

It’s only right to send your friends home with party favors that make fun of how old you’re getting.

Set up a nostalgic penny candy or hard candy bar for guests to pick from. You can also distribute grab bags full of funny trinkets like denture cleaning tablets, individually wrapped prunes, and tiny plastic magnifying glasses.

Get More Over-The-Hill Party Ideas

With a good sense of humor, getting older doesn’t have to be such a harrowing experience. Throwing a great party can help you cope and have some laughs along the way.

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