5 Ideas for Your Business’s Grand Opening

If you just opened a small business, you have your work cut out for you.

But you do have some breathing time. Don’t let your business open uneventfully.

A grand opening is one of the best ways for a small business to drum up buzz. And whether you’re a cafe or a car wash, you should take the opportunity to drum up buzz.

Here are five ways to take advantage of the opening of your business.

Give a Guided Tour

The most important thing you can do is give people a guided tour of your business.

Most business owners are confident people. While you may not consider yourself a tour guide by trade, it’s easy to give a tour with a little confidence and practice.

Make sure you treat the opening of your business as an opportunity to show people around a business that they will (hopefully) be seeing a lot of in the future.

Free Samples Are Your Friend

You may think it’s a bad idea to give away free samples when you’ve just opened your business. And you definitely shouldn’t go overboard with them.

But you should think about the free samples you give away at your grand opening as a marketing expense.

Giving people a small taste of what your company offers can drum up interest. This, in turn, can give you a great return-on-investment.

Hire A (Local) Band

Opening your business is a community event. Supporting artists in the community is a great way to show your support for your business’ community.

While it may seem difficult to find bands to play at your opening, it can be easier than you think.

Find bands that play regularly at local bars and showcases. Ask them for business cards, and then ask them to play the opening.

Give Out Prizes

People love raffles and lotteries. It’s hard-wired into our brains.

While it may seem pointless or tacky to incorporate a raffle into your grand opening, it’s actually incredibly important.

Having people put in just a dollar for a ticket, and then giving the winner a “free” version of your service (a free oil change, for example) is a great way to make them think of your business as a prize.

Offer Family Friendly Fun

Make sure the opening of your business is a family friendly event.

There are a lot of ways to do this. Along with beer and wine, offer fun drinks for the kids.

Also incorporate kid-friendly entertainment, like a clown, magician, or dance party into the event. Make your grand opening fun for the whole family.

Need Supplies For Your Grand Opening?

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