5 Holiday Party Themes That Will Have People Talking

5 holiday party themesThere is a reason the party and event planning industry is expected to grow over 11% in the next few years. Trying to create the perfect event that is Instagram worthy can be quite stressful!

Whether you are planning a company holiday party or a festive get together with friends and family, proper planning is important.

Drawing a blank on ideas? Keep reading for five top holiday party themes that will impress every single guest.

1. Santa’s Toyshop

Nothing creates a little Christmas spirit better than Santa! Decorate your party space with red and green linens, garland, and lots of string lights.

Wrap cardboard boxes in wrapping paper and add large bows. If you can get a fake tree, this will make the perfect photo spot!

The holidays are all about charity, so for this party theme, you could also ask attendees to bring a small gift to give to children in need.

2. Holiday Party Themes: Nightmare Before Christmas

If you want to do something different than the traditional red and green festive parties, consider a Nightmare Before Christmas holiday party. This lets you use darker and more unique decorations.

Go with black and ivory for most color choices. If your party location has a fireplace, center furniture around it. If possible, bring in antique candle holders.

Depending on your budget, a band would be great because they could play some more ominous music. If you want a cheaper option, consider making a playlist full of the classics, but also spooky sounding remixes.

3. Masquerade with Co-workers or Friends

Masquerade parties have become more common, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw one. Having ornate masks for each guest gets them excited and in character.

Traditional masquerade parties use gold and purple for decorations. These colors would be great for custom balloons.

If you can, consider getting a caterer that can continuously pass hors-d’oeuvres to guests. This keeps guests from crowding a buffet or sitting all night.

4. Santa! I Know Him!

Yes, we’re quoting Will Ferrell from Elf. Buddy the Elf knows how to celebrate the holidays. Shop around for elf hats or headbands for guests to wear.

Create your own paper snowflakes to hang from the ceilings or walls to bring holiday cheer all around.

For an added authentic touch, consider offering lots of sprinkles, marshmallows, and chocolate syrup at a dessert bar. Pro tip? Serve mini bowls of spaghetti too.

5. White Christmas

One final holiday theme party idea is more simple, but always a classic: a White Christmas. As expected, bust out all the white decor you have. White table clothes, white fake trees, and white garland.

To add some visual interest, incorporate some sparkly silver.

If your guests will be wearing white to fit the theme, be mindful when planning the menu. Red sauce or red wine might not be the best idea.

Bring On the Holiday Cheer

We hope one of these holiday party themes has piqued your interest. No matter who you are throwing the gathering for, they are bound to love these ideas.

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