5 Fun Ways to Use Balloons at Your Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal party can be one of the most exciting parties you’ll ever plan.

On this day, everyone participates in the overflowing excitement.

Will you and your partner be surprising your guests? Or will you be finding out the good news on this day, too?

If you’d both like to be surprised, make sure you ask the technician at your doctor’s office to write down the gender of your baby and slip it in a sealed envelope.

Give that to your closest friend and ask them to prepare any one of these fabulous ideas for the most magical gender reveal party.

1. Balloon Box Reveal

You may have seen or heard about this one. It’s a classic at gender reveal parties because you’re absolutely guaranteed to have fun.

Ask a friend to place a dozen pink or blue helium-filled balloons into a large, gift-wrapped box.

Take all your guests outside where you and your partner will unwrap the box together.

Once you pop that top, the highly anticipated news will be instantly released.

2. Balloon Floating in a Box

This is a fun indoor activity for a gender reveal party.

Standing at a table before everyone, both you and your partner will be given an individually wrapped gift box.

Each of you must then open your boxes in unison.

While each box has a balloon inside, only one balloon will float up and out.

The one whose balloon floats up is the one who was given the happy news!

3. Pull-Down Box

Prepare to get doused in confetti and joy.

With this activity, a friend or family member will fill a box with balloons and suspend it from a tree.

A string will be dangling from the box, opening a hatch of sorts when its time.

On the count of three, you and your partner will pull the string together.

When the balloons fall out, the confetti and streamers won’t be the only thing dancing gleefully through the crowd.

4. Balloon Release

This is a great way to bring the kiddos into the fun.

Ask two older siblings or some close cousins to stand somewhere together, perhaps out in the backyard.

Give each child a balloon, one blue and one pink. Plan to have one child release a balloon.

The balloon that remains is the gender. Surprise! Don’t forget your photos!

5. Gift Bags

At some point during your gender reveal party, give your guests a gift bag.

Ask everyone to open them all at once. The balloons that float out will reveal the news.

With this activity, the looks of surprise and pure joy on everyone’s face makes for one of the best Kodak moments of your life.

Have Fun Planning Your Gender Reveal Party!

Don’t forget about all your other themed goodies.

Do you have a nice, clear sonogram photo? Here at Balloons Tomorrow, we can help you print photo napkins to commemorate the day.

At the end of the festivities, give away small party favors to your friends and family. Include custom wristbands with your special message.

Whatever party supplies you need, we’ve got you covered.

We can’t wait to help you share your happy news, whether it’s blue or pink!