5 Fun and Delicious Kids Party Drinks

Who says fun drinks are only for grown-ups? We’re sharing 5 delicious non-alcoholic drinks that both kids and parents will love.

Party-planning is the time to go all out and create a super fun atmosphere and this can definitely include kids party drinks.

While themed drinks might traditionally be thought of as more of a grown-up endeavor, there are plenty of non-alcoholic options that are perfect for kiddos.

If you are looking to round out a themed party, or even just highlight the celebrated kid’s favorite colors, party drinks are a fun way to add that extra detail.

Keep reading below for five tasty kids party drink ideas, all of which are also grown-up friendly too.

An Aquarium in Your Hand

Every kid is sure to enjoy an ocean themed drink at their party, and with some gummies and food coloring you can make them a feature at your next party.

These drinks can be as simple or as detailed as you can imagine. Some versions of this kids party drink even feature sand or cocktail umbrellas as a beach accessory.

Aquatically themed drinks are great for many themed parties like tropical, pirate, beach, or even just summer.

Due to the various types of gummies out there, this idea can be expanded. Again, the only limit is your imagination.

Spooky Punch

This drink idea expands on the oreo dirt pudding desert where chocolate pudding, Oreo crumbs, and gummy worms simulate a cup of dirt straight from the garden,

With a spooky punch though, you still get the adorable “gross” out but with a mad scientist twist.

The base is a sherbert punch, where you’ll add a light soda (something like Sprite or 7 up) with a sherbert ice cream. This will create the science experiment look. Feel free to experiment with different concoctions!

Add the gooey gummy worms on top to complete the look.


Unicorns are magical and colorful so this idea can be interpreted in so many different ways.

A great base to your unicorn themed kids party drink though is pastel colors and sprinkles.

An idea is to make unicorn hot chocolate. Then all of the decorative details can be added to the fluffy whipped cream topping. Also, consider using cotton candy.

This idea is enhanced by accessories like themed straws and painted on faces.

Marshmallow Faces

And speaking of faces, consider using marshmallow as your medium for creating adorable kids party drinks.

Marshmallows are great for hot and cold drinks alike. If you want, you can also make decorating the marshmallows an activity for the kiddos at the party itself.

To draw on the mallows themselves, all you’ll need is a food pen.

Rainbow Ice Cubes

This idea is great if you need a quick way to spruce up your party drink and in large quantities.

All you’ll need is a number of ice cube trays and different kool-aid flavors. Add to a lightly colored drink and voilà!

Ice cubes can also be used to add other fun details, like gummy critters or sprinkles.

Now That you Have Your Kids Party Drinks, Design the Rest of Your Party!

There are plenty of occasions to celebrate and party planning only adds to the fun of it all.

Balloons are a great decoration asset for everything from kids to retirement parties and Balloons Tomorrow has plenty of unique ideas to make your next shindig a blast.

Check out the rest of the site for plenty of decoration ideas. Who knows, you might just find a new excuse for a party.