5 Festive Ideas for Your Christmas Balloons

Want to incorporate Christmas balloons into your holiday celebrations? Here are five festive ideas to get started!

It’s common for families to carry on holiday traditions that have been passed along for generations. Young families are also keen to start new traditions.

Christmas balloons have become a great new way to decorate homes for the holidays.

Balloons have all sorts of benefits over traditional decorations. There are no pine needles to clean up or sap stuck to your floors. You’ll also save valuable space by not having to figure out how to store Christmas balloons 11 months of the year.

If you’re considering using Christmas balloons this year, here are 5 ways you can bring a festive holiday look to your balloons.

1. Festive Shapes

Balloons have a lot of flexibility and can be tied to just about anything. Get yourself some solid wire and you can make a frame for any shape.

A large circular frame will allow you to create your own balloon wreath. This is a really fun way to create a big bold wreath at a lower price than a traditional pine wreath.

If you’ve got enough balloons, wire, and helping hands, think big! Build a giant 3D Santa hat or a reindeer. The sculptural possibilities are endless.

Safety tip: Wear garden gloves when working with wire and wire cutters. Once you get your shapes made, wrap a small ball of duct tape over each end to keep from popping your balloons. This will keep your hands safe from nicks and cuts while keeping your hard work of blowing up balloons from going up into thin air.

2. Honeycomb Balls

Helium balloons are a classic way to fill up your festive holiday party with life. Use thick balloon strings or ties and cut them extra long. Attach honeycomb balls to the string and give your guests the vibe of a birthday party mixed with a holiday party.

Start from the bottom and work your way up for the best results.

3. Mini Balloons

Think about mixing balloon sizes. Follow a similar method to using honeycomb balls with small balloons tied to your balloon string.

Fill your big balloon with helium and simply blow up the smaller balloons. It allows you to create a colorful addition to a plain string.

4. Confetti

When you think of Christmas balloons, you might think of just red and green balloons. Have you considered clear balloons?

The benefit to clear balloons is that you can fill them with confetti, small holiday objects or paper. Run a couple of tests before you make your final decisions.

5. Arches

Similar to the shape idea, you could make a festive holiday arch from balloons by tying them along a large wire structure or an existing structure you have.

Remember that temperature will affect the integrity of your balloons, so keep your structure inside until the day of your celebration for the best looking arch.

Christmas Balloons Give You Unlimited Options

Your imagination is the only limit to the kinds of decorations you can make with your holiday balloons. As a final bonus you can order a small amount of custom balloons personalized with your own unique holiday message or image

If you have any other questions about what is possible with balloons, contact us today.