5 Anniversary Party Ideas Your Parents Will Love

Your parents made it through thick and thin. And they are determined to stick to the “Till death do us part” line as much as humanly possible.

And if they do make it that long, they’ll have beat the statistics.

A landmark anniversary is on the horizon.

You feel it’s time to celebrate their devotion.

What better way to do it than to put on a grand ole party?

But you’re plum out of anniversary party ideas. That’s ok. Because we’ve got five right here!

1. Anniversary Party Ideas: A Luau Celebration

Hawaii is the most popular honeymoon destination in the United States.

And most likely, your parents took their honeymoon in Hawaii.

But even if they didn’t, you can give them a taste of the big kahuna and wish them all the Aloha in the world.

Grab some tiki torches, fire up the grill and cook up some teriyaki, and don a Hawaiian shirt or some coconut bras.

2. A Taste of Italy

Are you a great Italian chef? Maybe your parents always dreamed of a vacation on the Mediterranean.

Either way, nobody turns down Italian. And the decor is quite simple.

You can string red, green, and white balloons along the balustrade, hire an opera singer, and light a few candles.

Don’t forget the parmesan!

3. That’s So 80’s

Were your parents best days spent rocking out to Def Leppard, U2 and Guns N Roses?

Did your mom have a massive and luscious head of curls (natural or not) during a certain period in her life?

Then you might want to consider throwing an 80’s party in honor of their best years together.

Hang neon colored balloons around the house. Throw on some cutoff jeans and a blouse. Or get everybody their own pair of tiger pants.

Don’t forget the shoulder pads and a VHS of Breakfast Club or Terminator. Your parents will be grooving to Madonna in no time.

4. Going Greek

While Italy is nice, Greece has its own appeal.

You can get some roast gyro meat and some pita’s from the grocery store. Fix up falafel, and hang some white and blue balloons around the house.

All that’s left is the shirataki music and the Greek wine. You’ll be taking your parents to a fictional seaside villa of their dreams.

5. Viva Las Vegas!

A lot of people get married in Vegas. Some people regret it.

But if your parents have made it this long, they hopefully didn’t regret it.

To put on a Las Vegas-style anniversary party, just hire a blackjack dealer or two.

Learn how to make the James Bond martini.

And put on some rat-pack music or something similar.

It’s easy to feel like you’ve escaped into a Vegas fantasy if you have a few martinis in you.

Balloons for Every Celebration

You wouldn’t have a birthday party without balloons, would you? So why would you celebrate your parent’s anniversary without balloons?

If you’re looking for anniversary party ideas, start with the balloons and work your way backward.