18 Inch Foil Balloons

18 inch foil balloons, sometimes called Mylar, are used when you need a long lasting balloon or display so they are great for advertising balloons. The term Mylar is a registered trademark of the DuPont corporation and foil balloons are really not made of Mylar but of printed polyester.

The 18 inch foil balloon can float 3-6 weeks if treated properly. These balloons are the perfect choice for promoting upcoming sales, grand openings, or new advertising campaigns, situations where you need a long float life advertising balloon. Even better, you can refill these foil balloons and “top them off” with another squirt of helium as they lose helium and get “soggy”.

The 18 inch foil balloon was designed as such for two reasons. 1) The roll of film that the 18 inch is cut from is 36 inches in diameter and you can cut two 18 inch balloons from a 36 inch roll. 2) You need a minimum of 18 inches for a foil balloon to float, especially in high altitude cities like Denver and Atlanta. Custom printed foil balloons come in three basic shapes, round, star, and heart.