10 Birthday Party Themes that Your Kids Will Love Planning

Planning a birthday party for your child can be as exciting for you as it is for them.

From decorations and food to games and presents, the memories your child makes from their birthday parties will stay with them for years to come.

Perhaps one of the hardest choices is choosing from the seemingly infinite amount of birthday party themes. Spend a few minutes on Pinterest or other party planning site and you’ll be overwhelmed with options.

Not to worry! We’ve got you covered with these ten fun birthday party themes your child and their friends are sure to enjoy.

10 Kid-Approved Birthday Party Themes Your Child Will Love

Cupcake Party

A cupcake theme offers lots of flexibility and can help take some work off you.

Aside from delicious-looking cupcake decor, you can bake a batch of plain cupcakes and let the kids decorate their own. Or, think outside the cupcake wrapper with these ice cream cone cupcakes.

Pirate Party

Land lubbers and sea dogs alike can enjoy a cool pirate-themed birthday party.

You can stuff a pinata with plastic or chocolate coins and other “booty” to fill each child’s loot bag. You can also head to your local thrift shop and pick up some fun clothes to let each kid dress the part.

Give each kid a hat and eye patch, and you’re good to go.

Beach Party

This isn’t just one of the best birthday party themes for summer birthdays.

It can also work well for cold weather parties. String some blue and green crepe paper to the ceiling for a water-and-seaweed effect. Turn on the bubble machine. Check out this fun ocean-themed drink for a tastier-than-average treat.

Superhero Party

Every kid dream of being a superhero – make their wish come true!

Let the kids decorate their own capes and masks to create their very own superhero. You can even hire a costumed superhero to make an appearance.

Drive-In Movie Party

Got a few cardboard boxes, a white sheet, and a projector on hand?

Then you’re all set for a drive-in movie party. Let each child decorate their own box “car.” Then, pass out the popcorn and snacks and settle in for an outdoor movie.

Dr. Seuss Party

There isn’t a kid in America who hasn’t heard of the incredible, indelible Dr. Seuss. Fun for all ages, a Dr. Seuss-themed party gives you plenty of room for creativity.

Include some of Seuss’s most beloved characters with fun foods, fancy drinks, and zany decor.

Paint Party

Careful, this one can get a little messy.

But messy parties make for a fun time your child won’t forget. Give each child a canvas and paint brush, or spread out a big sheet and do a group painting project.

For decorations, you can use bright colors that span the rainbow. Send each child home with their own paintbrush or watercolors as a party favor.

Zoo Party

You don’t have to travel to your local zoo to have a zoo-themed party.

For activities, let the kids create their own animal masks or this Feed the Elephant game. You can create a jungle-style backdrop with green and brown streamers. pass out animal crackers for a snack.

Magic Party

Magic has a dazzling effect on children.

They’ll be talking about your birthday party magic for weeks. You can hire a magician to come show off his tricks, or learn how to create your own illusions.

Make sure your special birthday boy or girl gets a black top hat and wand as mementos.

Bubbles Party

Bubbles are fun for kids of all ages.

Get a bubble machine, bubble guns, wands of all shapes and sizes, and plenty of bubble solution to keep the kids busy for hours. You can put candy or other party favors inside clear plastic Christmas ornaments.

Or, you can give each child a bottle of bubbles to take home.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of birthday party themes to choose from, but they each share something in common.

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