New Printed Buttons has added a new printed button size. Due to popular demand for our printed buttons, just added the 2.25 inch size button to our product mix. The 3 inch printed button will still be made, however after many requests form our cusotmers for a smaller size, the smaller, 2.25 inch printed button was added.

You still get low minumum and super fast service with the 2.25 inch printed button and free artwork.

Fast Balloons And Fed Ex

If you need your custom balloons fast, who are you gonna call? of course. But who is going to get you your custom balloons fast? FedEx of course. uses FedEx exclusively to ship your custom balloons and custom napkins. FedEx is the most reliable shipper and that is why we use don’t use UPS or any other carrier. Here are the different types of shipping services FedEx uses:

1) FedEx Ground: arrives in one-three days. For time sensitive materials use various air services

2)FedEx Second Day Air: arrives the second business day by 5:00pm. For example, if your order of custom balloons ship on Monday, they will arrive Wednesday by 5:00pm

3) FedEx One Day Air: arrives the next business day by 5:00pm

4) FedEx Priority Overnight: arrives the next business day by 12:00 noon

5) FedEx Early One Day Air: arrives by 8:30 am the next business day.

6) Saturday Delivery: arrives on Saturday by 5:00pm. This is for packages that ship on Friday and that you need by Saturday or Sunday.

So when you need your custom balloons and custom napkins fast call, and then we’ll call FedEx to make sure your balloons get there on time.

Self Sealing Foil Mylars

All of our 18 inch foil mylar balloons come with a self sealing valve. The valve is attached inside the balloon so that there is no tying or sealing required and you can refill the balloon repeatedly for weeks and months.

So when you are ordering a foil mylar balloon or a custom printed foil mylar balloon, be sure to ask if there is a self sealing valve included.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

What is the proper amount of money to spend on a wedding gift?

For a wedding today you should plan on spending a minimum for $50 -$75 or more depending on your relationship with the bride and groom. For sure you should not spend less than $35 unless you want to be considered a cheap skate.

And don’t be one of those people who don’t give a gift. If you go to the wedding buy a gift, or don’t go.

Now, I have a rule that I use for second marriages and weddings. I don’t like going to second weddings, because the second wedding may be the second of many weddings. And I already bought one of you a gift for the first wedding and I am not buying you another gift for the second, third or fourth wedding. Now people may argue that if it’s the bride’s first wedding, but the groom’s second wedding shouldn’t you buy a gift? Too, bad, if you are the bride, you already knew what you were getting with the groom already being married once. He’s not getting another gift from me. So I usually avoid these weddings because I don’t agree. Now if the spouse is deceased, then that’s another matter.

And if you go to the bridal registry, buy a place setting of dishes, or silverware. If there is a spatula for $10, buy a few more items closer to the $35-$50-$75 or more range.

Now recently, I had a wedding invite and the bride and groom boldly asked for money for a trip to Mexico and wanted people to pay with Paypal, I am not making this stuff up. I said are you kidding me? Why don’t I just give you my credit card and you spend whatever you want?

Photoballoons No Minimum

If you need imprinted photo balloons with no minimum then you have come to the right place.

When I started the business, I wanted to give people what they want, and one thing they wanted was a low minimum. Why make people order 2,000 balloons when all they want is 25 custom photo balloons for a birthday party. So you can order 1-25 photo balloons and get free shipping, free set-up, and same day service when you need it most.

Custom printed photo balloons are great for birthday balloons, campaign balloons, anniversary balloons, wedding balloons, and retirement balloons.

Wedding Invitation RSVP

Question: How far ahead should you send a wedding invitation?

Answer: In my previous posts, I discussed the idea of 6 weeks to 2 months are proper amount of time for your guests to be prepared to attend a wedding.

Question: When should guests RSVP?

Answer: Guests should give notice minimum RSVP three weeks, minimum two weeks. So request a minimum two weeks. This will also give you plenty of time to give notice to your chef or caterer for a final head count.

Printed Balloons Wholesale

If you are looking for printed balloons wholesale, is your best source.

As a matter of fact, we make our own printed balloons in our own factory, that is why we are so stinking fast!. Many of the online sources buy their printed balloons from

So when you need printed balloons, custom napkins, or imprinted mints and you need them fast, at wholesale prices, you know where to go.

When you buy your balloons wholesale, you get free art work, free set-up, free FedEx Ground shipping, and fast service.

Fresh Air For Our Staff

Balloons Tomorrow deals with a lot of air, after all, we are a direct source of custom printed balloons, personalized napkins, custom mints, and imprinted campaign buttons.

In our printing facility, we deal with inks that stink until they are dried and cured. So for employee safety and product quality, we added a state-of-the-art air filtration system for our plant. This new air filtration system cycle over 60,000 cubic feet of air per hour.

So when we are printing custom printed balloons in our factory, you cannot smell a thing!. Our employees are happy and if we have a radon problem this system would keep the air quality high. Because we care about our staff and their well being, we keep the air fresh. This system pumps in fresh air and exchanges smelly air in a process that warms or cools the air as it comes into the building, thus saving on utility costs.

So when you order custom balloons, custom napkins, weddign balloons custom mints or button, you konw that you are dealuing with a company that cares about their staff.

Automatic Screen Washing Machine

Balloons Tomorrow has just updated a key part of the factory operation. Balloons Tomorrow has just finished the design and completion of an automatic silk screen washing machine for custom printed balloons.

The automatic silk screen washing machine will speed up the production of custom printed balloons and also make the work environment safer for the staff.

The silk screen is made for each custom printed balloon order. When a screen is finished, it is reclaimed in a wash out process that up until now was done by hand.

Now the screens for each personalized balloon order is washed out in about one minute and completely dried and ready for use for another custom printed balloon order.

Now, I suppose we can make one for any type of high volume screen printing operation. Now the automatic screen washer is designed for our screens, we can custom build one for your business too. Machine building is not our main business, but I have one of the best mechanical engineers on the planet. So call us today and see if we can help you stream line your operation and keep your employees safe from the back splash and fumes from silk screen cleaning.

Balloons Tomorrow is always updating it’s operation to maintain it’s lead in the production of custom balloons, personalized balloons, printed balloons, imprinted napkins, designable campaign buttons, and custom printed mints.


Napkin Etiquette and Jesus

And the cloth, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself. John 20:7

In a previous post, we discussed when to fold a napkin. If you leave the table and intend to return, you leave the napkin bunched up on the seat. this will tell the waiter that you are returning and your dinner and plates should remain.

If you fold the napkin and leave it on the table, it means you are not returning.

When you read the account of the tomb of Jesus after the resurrection, you will see that it is mentioned that the cloth that was around the head of Jesus was wrapped together in a place by itself, or folded carefully.

OK big deal, what does this all mean? Well, it was Jewish custom in the day to tell your hosts that you would not ever come back to eat dinner at their home if you folded the napkin carefully at the table. You were obligated to respond to the first invitation. Since Jesus has tasted the dinner of death that the enemy (Satan) had served, Jesus was telling Satan that he tasted his dinner and he was never returning to this place or to death.

And now you know the rest of the story.