12in Balloon Safety Seal Plugs



Balloon Safety Seal Plugs for 12in Latex Balloons (Only)

Balloon Safety Seal Plugs are the perfect accessory, allowing you to fill your custom printed 12in balloons much easier, all while making the balloon child safe. Balloons without safety seal plugs can pose as a choking hazard for children. Safety Seal plugs are installed at our factory so your balloons arrive ready to fill and float! Balloon Safety Seal Plugs come equipped with a 36in white ribbon (attached) that you release after balloon inflation. Use ONLY on 12 inch Balloons.

1.Seat the bottom of the plug onto the helium nozzle.
2. With both hands, secure the plug to the nozzle and begin releasing helium into balloon.
3. Once the balloon is fully inflated, remove from helium nozzle.

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Weight .0047 oz


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