Best Ways to Combine Balloons and Florals

One of the biggest trends for weddings, anniversaries, and parties of all kinds is the combination of balloons and seasonal florals and greenery. There are a lot of ideas you can use as inspiration to incorporate this trend into your next event. Both balloons and flowers add a great pop of color, look amazing on their own, but are more decorative and eye-catching when combined. 

Let’s take a look at how you can combine the two to make the best party decor: Tips for decorating with balloons and flowers

Place Greenery or Flowers Inside Your Balloons

An elegant way to combine fresh flowers or greenery is to incorporate them into a clear balloon. This would work great at any anniversary, wedding, or bridal/baby shower. These balloons would look flawless as apart of a centerpiece, or combined throughout a balloon arch. 

Add Flowers to the Strings of Balloons 

An excellent way to dress up helium balloons is by decorating the balloon strings. Adding flowers or other greenery to your balloon strings will add a fresh and trendy appeal to your event. Plus, it’s pretty simple to do! Once you fill up your balloons and attach them to a string. Then, create a garland using floral tape to connect whatever flowers you’d like to incorporate to the greenery. Lastly, tape the garland to the ribbon with your floral tape! 

This is an easy decoration that your guests will be sure to admire.

Spice Up Your Balloon Displays with Florals

Whether you have a balloon arch, column, or wreath, you can always make it bigger and better by incorporating flowers and greenery. If you need balloons for your entryway or a photo opportunity, this would be the ideal place to add your florals. You can even incorporate larger mylar balloons for additional decorations and create a more memorable event for your guests! 

Decorating on a Budget

Attaching flowers to your balloons is an easy decorating tip that will make it look like you spent a lot of extra time, money, and effort decorating. At Balloons Today, we have over 40 beautiful balloon colors that we can personalize and ship to you for free. If you’re hosting an event, contact one of our professionals today to learn more information! 


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