18 Inch Foil Balloons

18 inch foil balloons, sometimes called Mylar, are used when you need a long lasting balloon or display so they are great for advertising balloons. The term Mylar is a registered trademark of the DuPont corporation and foil balloons are really not made of Mylar but of printed polyester.

The 18 inch foil balloon can float 3-6 weeks if treated properly. These balloons are the perfect choice for promoting upcoming sales, grand openings, or new advertising campaigns, situations where you need a long float life advertising balloon. Even better, you can refill these foil balloons and “top them off” with another squirt of helium as they lose helium and get “soggy”.

The 18 inch foil balloon was designed as such for two reasons. 1) The roll of film that the 18 inch is cut from is 36 inches in diameter and you can cut two 18 inch balloons from a 36 inch roll. 2) You need a minimum of 18 inches for a foil balloon to float, especially in high altitude cities like Denver and Atlanta. Custom printed foil balloons come in three basic shapes, round, star, and heart.

Balloon Drop Net

What is a Balloon Drop Net? A balloon drop net is a plastic mesh net bag or tube, that is used to hold air-filled latex balloons with the idea that these air-filled balloons will be dropped onto an area to create fun and excitement. If you have ever been to or watched a political convention, award show, or a New Year’s Eve party, you may have seen a balloon drop net in action.

The balloon drop net is filled with hundreds of air-filled balloons, and then the net is hoisted and hung above a designated area. At a precise time, like when the clock strikes midnight, the balloon drop net is opened remotely below with a rip cord. When the rip cord is pulled the bottom of the drop net releases the balloons to the crowd below. The falling balloons create a fun and festive atmosphere below. The typical balloon release net will hold 100-900 9 inch or 10 inch air filled balloons. You can also use 11 or 12 inch balloons. If you use a larger balloon, you will only need about half that amount, about 400-500 balloons.  Each air filled balloon can be filled with compressed air or nitrogen. You don’t want to use helium or the balloons will float. I recommend a Cool Air Inflator. The Cool Air Balloon Inflator is small, compact, and plugs into any electrical outlet. The Cool Air Inflator is also light, portable, and can blow up lots of balloons real fast.

So what is the difference between a balloon drop net and a balloon release net? Nothing, except what you put inside. The balloon drop net and a balloon release net are the same product. With a balloon release net you put in helium filled balloons so that when the rip cord is activated, the helium balloons will release into the air instead of dropping to the floor below. The balloon release net is tethered to the ground, a balloon drop net is hung above on a ceiling

Birthday Balloons

Birthday balloons are a fun way to celebrate any birthday. Birthday balloons can be personalized balloons with a name and special message, or a birthday balloon can be a photo balloon with a photograph and image imprinted. And you don’t need lots of balloons for a birthday party. I recommend 50-150 imprinted balloons for a birthday party. You don’t want to over do it.

I recommend placing several balloons outside your house, making it easy for people to find the party. Then use some of the balloons in the house as floor decorations. Then save some of the balloons for table center pieces. The balloons will make your home or the party hall more festive and you won’t break the bank.

The 12 inch balloons will float about 12 hours, less if they are outside in the heat or are under-inflated.

Helium Balloons

Helium balloons became very popular after World War Two. During the war, there was a shortage of rubber or latex that was needed to produce items to help the war effort. Helium balloons were popular before the war, but there was an entire generation of kids that had not experienced helium balloons due to the rationing of rubber needed to make boots, raincoats, and tires for the war.  After the war there was plenty of rubber that was now used for toys and other consumer products. Kids fell in love with helium balloons because they defy gravity and enchant us with man’s obsession of flying. Because helium balloons fly, kids and adults use them for birthday balloons. Helium balloons are also used as personalized balloons for Over the Hill parties. Helium balloons are often used as custom printed balloons for businesses and car dealers since they make great logo balloons and they are used as political balloons for campaigns at state fairs or parades.

How are Imprinted Balloons Made?

People always ask me, “How are imprinted balloons made?” Imprinted balloons are unique in that each balloon must be pre-inflated to half the full size before they can be imprinted. If imprinted balloons were not inflated before imprinting, the image would fade when the balloons are inflated. The image that is printed on the balloon is adjusted to about 4.5 inches in diameter and then burned onto a silk screen. When the balloon is printed, it is inflated to about 9 to 10 inches. Then the screen containing the image is pressed over the balloon for a few seconds as the image is printed. The imprinted balloon is then kept inflated on a assembly line to dry or cure the image. Because the image is silk screened onto the balloon the ink is about 20 times the amount of ink that a flexo-graphic image would contain. Flexo or flexo-graphic balloon printing was how balloon printing was done 50 years ago. Most balloon printing done today is silk screened for a sharper crisper image that will not fade or disappear when the balloon is inflated.

80th Birthday Balloons

80th birthday balloons are a great way to honor and celebrate an 80th birthday party. After all, what do you get an 80 year old? The birthday balloons can be photo balloons with the birthday boy or birthday girl’s picture on the balloon when they were a little younger. Or the birthday balloons can be a simple personalized balloon with a special wish or message.  The personalized balloons always get a big laugh and are always the talk of the party. 40th birthday balloons, 50 birthday balloons, and 60th birthday balloons are also are a great way to decorate an Over the Hill party. Printed banners, along with personalized balloons and custom napkins, make a great decoration for the Over the Hill party and contribute to the overall birthday party theme.

Political Buttons

If you ever watch the History Channel’s hit reality show Pawn Stars, you would know that political buttons can be worth some serious cash if they are authentic and rare. Even president George Washington had political buttons made for his political career. You can have 1 to 1 million political buttons made for your favorite candidate. And they won’t cost a fortune. With today’s technology, four color process printed buttons are affordable and the turn around time is as quick as you need them. The 3 inch diameter buttons with a pin back is the most popular and affordable.

Political Balloons

Political balloons are very popular all year long because there are elections all year long. School board, county, city and state elections, and primaries keep us busy. Political balloons are affordable and are walking billboards. The imprinted balloons have the candidates name, message, or photo printed on them. As a matter of fact, one leading candidate just placed a large order of political balloons to be used in Iowa for the Iowa Caucus. This candidate is the front runner and if he wins in Iowa, it’s probably because of the balloon campaign. Campaign balloons are affordable and an easy way to get people to carry your name and message around town.

Most Popular Balloon Colors

What are the most popular balloons colors used for custom balloons and personalized balloons? White is the most popular balloon color, then red then blue. These three colors comprise 25% of the custom balloon orders. The remaining 75% of custom balloon orders are from a color palette of 40 colors, including a rainbow of choices from emerald green to fuchsia pink and every color in between. We recommend a free color sample for critical color matches.

Photo Balloons

What is a photo balloon? A photo balloon is a custom printed balloon with a photo or photograph of a person or a photograph that has half tones or fine copy. Photo balloons are used for wedding balloons with a photo of the bride and groom. Photo balloons can be used for birthday balloons of the birthday boy or girl, or political balloons with a photo of the candidate.
Photo balloons are different than a regular custom balloon or personalized balloons because the image or print requires a special half tone screen to print the image on the personalized balloon.