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People ask us about purchasing custom printed Mylar balloons. We see other companies advertising "Mylar " balloons as well. The reason they do this is because people ask for "Mylar" balloons and they want to lead the person to thinking they are getting what they ask for.

In reality, no one sells Mylar balloons. In fact, Mylar is a trademark of Dupont for a form of polyester film so it would be incorrect if not even wrong to advertise that is what you are selling.

It would be very difficult to manufacture a balloon out of Mylar and expensive as well. The balloons most refer to as Mylar are actually a "foil" balloon that is made from a type of nylon that is coated on one side with polyethylene and metallized on the other (to put it simply). So when you are looking for a custom imprinted "mylar" balloon, in reality what you want is a "foil" balloon. At Balloons Tomorrow we have exactly what you seek!
Custom Imprinted Mylar Balloons Are Really Foil Balloons And Not Mylar At All!
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